Extend core capabilities


  • NodeJS
  • Git
  • Visual Studio Code (or any other IDE)
  • Learn how VariaMos works (here)
  • Learn how Clean Architecture works (here)

To create new capabilities or modify existing ones in the core

  1. Download the core VariaMosPLE from this repository.
  2. Open the VariaMosPLE in your IDE, the default folder name is VARIAMOSPLE-master, you can keep it or change it.
  3. On the path <yourPathName>/ execute the command npm install
  4. On the path <yourPathName>/ execute the command npm run start
  5. Code the necessary logic in the appropriate folders:
  • The frontend is located at <yourPathName>/src/UI
  • The backend is located in <yourPathName>/src/Domain
  1. Ensure that additional capabilities are created under the clean architecture framework.
  2. To identify when the last modification was made, it is required to change the version that will be displayed in the file <yourPathName>/src/Infraestructure/config.json, the format of the version is 4.YEAR.MONTH.DAY.HOUR, for example, if you are going to perform a deployment on December 01,2021 at 20:35, you must change the version to
  3. Execute commit and git push in the master branch to redeploy the core in the cloud.

Finally, tests must be performed to ensure that the core is working correctly and that the added code works with its respective configuration.

Note: The solution is implemented under the clean architecture framework. Additional capabilities must be created under this same structure.