Version 1.0. Eclipse plug-in

The first version of VariaMos was created to be installed in the famous Eclipse software, which was created in 2001 by the IBM company and serves the function of being an integrated development interface. Although it achieved business purpose level performance: modeling of domain requirements using feature models and automated support for subsequent verification and configuration using a constraint logic programming solver. This version failed due to its high dependency rates with the platform plug-ins; that is, in addition to depending on the Eclipse platform itself, it also depended on some additional plug-ins, how were the Eclipse Modeling Framework and the ATLAS Transformation Language to be able to create the languages, build the models and transform the built models into logic programs and constraint programs. 

Limitations and challenges

  • Having a high dependency ratio, the extensibility and maintainability of the platform was limited to the features offered by the dependencies.
  • Mitigating dependency with additional platforms or plugins was the challenge to be considered to evolve to version 2.0.



Working team

Raúl Mazo