VariaMos web:

VariaMos web GitHub repositories:

VariaMos web Installation:

  • VariaMos web (Front-End) local installation: here
  • VariaMos services (Back-End) local installation: here
  • Create and test VariaMos services: here

VariaMos documentation:

  • VariaMos web architecture: here

VariaMos custom-made elements:

  • Create a new VariaMos model: here

Fragment-Oriented Programming (FragOP):

  • FragOP guide: here
  • FragOP – importing and using a ClothingStores SPL example: here
  • FragOP – Video tutorial – Part 1 here
  • FragOP – Video tutorial – Part 2 here

Documentation for testing:

  • General Notes on Mocha + Nightwatch: here

Presentations in conferences/events:

  • ICSR 2019 – Extending FragOP Domain Reusable Components to Support Product Customization in the Context of Software Product Lines: here
  • EAFIT – 2020 – Introduction to Software product lines & Fragment-oriented programming: here