Welcome to the VariaMos Framework!

This framework relies on the VariaMos Web application (Variamos) to cover all the dynamic support to define modeling languages, create models with these languages, and reason (simulate, verify, configure…) on these models. The language creation capability supports the definition of the syntax (abstract and concrete), and the semantics (for different reasoning paradigms and languages) and in the near future, it should also support the definition of the operations for different languages. These capabilities enable to use VariaMos to create projects at two levels: domain and applications for both (self) adaptive and non-adaptive systems. Also, this framework enables the execution of the operations defined (at the language level) over the models defined by the user, which permits satisficing different types of modeling and reasoning expectations. Thus, VariaMos Framework permits the dynamic extension of VariaMos to new modeling languages, interdependencies among the languages, operations over the instances of the languages, and solvers to execute these operations.

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