Install Java

Probably you want to install VariaMos but you do not have Java on your computer , so you can follow these steps:


First , go to the Oracle website , and Accept license agreement

There are two Windows options (Depends on the Architecture), you can check your architecture,  doing this:

Then ,

In this case Windows x64 is in our machine but if you have an architecture of 32 bits you must choose “Windows x86”.

Download and execute the file, you will see this:

Click on next

Click on next again

Wait until you get this, this will install your jre, click on next (siguiente):

Now, Java is being installed

Java has been installed successfully.

If you want to check that everything is working okay, you can write on your command line “java” and this will appear:

(How do you open your command line? Press Windows Key and just write cmd)

Mac OS / Linux

If you have Linux click here  to download a file which will help you to install java , and if you have Mac OS click here.

Go to your terminar and write


If it doesn’t work, try

sh pre-configuration-java-*.sh

Now you should be able to install VariaMos.