Install VariaMos

We are going to walk through the process of downloading VariaMos and installing all necessary prerequisites

As a prerequisite, you need to verify that you have installed Java (Java 1.8), if you haven’t you can follow these steps.

Now , you need to download the VariaMos Installer, you can find it here.


Go to the directory where the VariaMos Installer has been downloaded and open it, this will appear:

Select your language and click Next

Choose the folder where VariaMos will be installed and click Install

Wait, this could take a few seconds

Now , Solver will be installled you must go through this steps:

Read and then accept the terms and conditions

Choose a typical installation

You must select this folder,  where SWI-Prolog will be installed

Click on install

Wait until the installation process finishes

Now VariaMos is ready to be downloaded and installed

Click on OK and then click on Next , Finally select both options (Recommended)

Linux / Mac OS

You must follow all the steps that have been specified above, but in this dialog message you should write your superuser password.

Did you do all the steps above?

Now, you can start your first VariaMos project.