Known issues and not supported funcionalities

As our tool is under development you should be aware of the following:

Is not supported or tested in the current version for modeling and simulation:

  • Add a concept to divide a relation (auto-split relations) is not supported.
  • Change the source or destination of a relation (is better to delete it and create it again).  Solved in Variamos
  • Save independently simulations or models. All are saved by default in the same file. It is possible to save a configuration in a .CONF file.
  • Save files with extensions different than “.vmsm” not tested (Others may work).
  • Use of Variables related to a Concern Level (Simulation implications of Concern Levels only implemented for dynamic simulation), they are assumed as global Variables with a single instance in static simulation.
  • Context Variable relations with Context Groups breaks solver executions – relation type ignored for expressions.
  • Domains for Enumerations is assumed as 0,1 (Real domain from values not loaded) – Domain retrieved from Enums.
  • Solver crashes the application on random based when executed. Solved with the update of SWIProlog 7.2.3 from VariaMos
  • Combined call of static and dynamic operation may crash the JVM. Also, the static operations may stop working after the execution of a dynamic operation. Solved in VariaMos

About the Semantic and Syntax perspectives (MetaModel edition):

  • By default, these perspectives are hidden and can be activated from the window menu.
  • The semantic metamodel must be loaded before the syntax metamodel. Alternatively, the syntax metamodel must be reloaded after loading a semantic metamodel.
  • Save and Load functionality for semantic models was not tested (the existing objects  were defined by code), may break the model. Models can be saved/loaded.
  • Save and Load functionality for syntax models works but some attributes are lost in the model (the existing objects  were defined by code). Models can be saved/loaded.
  • The visibility configuration of attributes is not supported.
  • Operation Expressions edition is incomplete and not used for static operations. Dynamic verification and simulation use the Operation Expressions in the version
  • Current expressions objects  for verification, configuration and simulation were defined by code.
  • Types of relations are not represented on these perspectives (will be soon in the future). The type of relations are defined in the semantic model.

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