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1.1 Alfa 1 Changelog

New Functionalities: Supports for multiple predefined metamodels loaded at startup. Supports a new algorithm for operations named MEDIC. This algorithm can be executed over graph models. Supports Fragment-oriented programming. Improvements: Organization of menus and buttons removing the unneeded elements. Project moved to gradle. This version incorporates all the corrections performed over the version 1.0 Beta 20.

1.0 Beta 20 Changelog

New Functionality: Operations support the computation analysis type to include results of two sub-operations in a quotient instead of the sequential execution. Nine new verification operations for SAS model dynamically implemented. Include natural language descriptions for semantic expressions. Option included to use the descriptions in multi verification operations. Four of the existing verification operations migrated…
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1.0 Beta 19 Changelog

New functionality: Show variables of operationalizations on graph – new configuration to select the field of a sub-attribute to show. Use new editable/visible/condition to display attributes on the property tabs. This allows to modify the visibility on the meta-models graphically. Use new visible/condition for panel display of attributes. Keyboard copy/paste of concepts without relations working. Creates…
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1.0 Beta 18 Changelog

New functionality:  Include semantic expression’s names on editor. Properly save semantic model – Include Semantic Expressions Property edition with ranges in group relations fixed. Create/edit operations, sub-opers, operation groups and types using graph GUI association. Semantic elements created according to the concept in the semantic perspective. In the same way it was working for the syntax…
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1.0 Beta 17 Changelog

New functionality: New Dialogs to define the association of expression to operations, to labelings and define input and output values/update. Initial implementation of the translation of SemanticExpressions to HLCL expressions for operations (without labeling and I/O considerations). Errors corrected: Default subtypes for pairwise relations not correctly updated. The expressions remaind outdated if the subtype was…
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1.0 Beta 16 Changelog

New functionality: Definition of Semantic Expressions for Semantic Element with iteration representation support (no translation supported at the moment). Definition of most Semantic Expression for REFAS language Relation types supported within the semantic concepts (only visually, not used in the model at the moment). Expression for Soft Goa’s contributions included. Improvements: Variables with many enumeration…
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1.0 Beta 15 Changelog

Improvements: Put the dummy element to add enumeration types first on the attribute list. Allow increase the property tab size when the window is small. Increase the default screen size. Errors corrected: Correct the display of asset and concern level names. Hide extends relations for PWAsso relation types on model. Increase the space for the…
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1.0 Beta 14 changelog

Improvements: Some enumeration for relation types created. Errors corrected: Errors on the metamodel and semantic model corrected. Pairwise relations corrupted (for simulation and other operations) after saving the model corrected (error in version

1.0 Beta 13 changelog

The concepts names are no longer displayed on the graph for concepts. The User Identifier is displayed instead. For models created on version and older, the user should click once on each concept to copy the name to the user identifier New functionality: Metamodel concepts: Associate and view semantic concepts. Simulation now includes features…
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1.0 Beta 12 Changelog

New functionality: Support metamodel edition with changes on the model. Attribute to specify variables defined by the Context (Boolean). Include claim confidence level (5 levels). Include the attribute ignore concept. Improvements: Crash with solved drastically reduced (calls to solver synchronized). The crash is no longer reproducible in a high demanding (solver-calls) scenario. Errors corrected: Solve the…
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1.0 Beta 11 Changelog

New functionality: The model uses the new relations using concepts for direct relations from the metamodel (simulation works). Old direct relations for views, extension and association removed. Addition of a button to delete expression. Group relations for features completed. Improvements: About VariaMos Dialog updated. Includes links to – java libraries and icons Errors corrected: Clear…
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1.0 Beta 10 Changelog

New functionality: MetaModel modified to include MetaPairwiseRelations as concepts (future use in the modelling). MetaModel save/load supported (for visual presentation, not complete support for modelling). Support for Concern Levels in different concepts (For modelling only) Support for aggregation of concerns (For modelling only). Improvements: Dashboard presentation improved Configuration export with names Old concepts hidden from…
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1.0 Beta 9 Changelog

New functionality: Recover lost concepts (experimental), only working on reasoning model. Use right click and clone option. Improvements: Save time reduced 15%. Save operation maintains previous tab. Not required relation names removed. Execution/Simulation (MAPE-K functionality) improved with more options. Errors corrected: “require” relation working well for simulations. Please replace required for require in old models.…
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1.0 Beta 8 Changelog

New functionality: Initial implementation of MAPE-K with iteration and file sharing  between applications supported. Improvements: Include leaf features in Reasoning Model. SQ Satisficing model renamed to Reasoning Model. Goals and Variability Model renamed to Variability Model. Errors corrected: Fixed: Notification if no solution is found in the simulation. Finish the task. Fixed: Instance expression functionality recovered for…
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1.0 Beta 7 Changelog

New functionality: Names of variables shown on instance expression editor Improvements: Display instance expressions on simulation perspective with edition disabled. Variables on dashboard displayed on two columns. Errors corrected: Partially Fixed: Frequent application crash on Solver execution mitigated (not completely solved). Fixed: Empty domains for variables generates error on simulation Fixed Dashboard change of variables…
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1.0 Beta 5 Changelog

New functionality: Save a backup file after each save of the model with the date and time in the same folder. Check and notify of tool updates on application start. Improvements: Remove the white background from relation labels. Update the width of concept text according to the element width after text edition. Errors corrected: Fixed:…
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1.0 Beta 4 Changelog

New functionality: Enumeration value delete allowed. Initial About VariaMos Dialog implementation. Composed domain supported for variables (Intervals and Range combined). Improvements: Enumeration values are sorted according to the Id. Enumeration value id must be a valid positive integer. Enumeration display labels changed. Automatically select sub-expression on combo change on instance expression editor. Simulation returns first…
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1.0 Beta 3 Changelog

New functionality: Support to run without solver initial verification (“nosolver” argument). Instructions for configuration on Win32 and Ubuntu included. Split verification and core calculation (additional button on gui). Improvements: Disable button actions for double solver calls (multiple clicks). Modify interfaces to support time report and advance report (interactive process bars). If dashboard is closed, it…
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1.0 Beta 2 Changelog

Improvements: Future configuration and configuration properties moved to the advanced view. Allow to move the property tab freely and better layout. Dashboard displays enumeration values with names. Errors corrected: Fixed: Creation of new Enumeration over a saved model with initial enumerations. Fixed: Enumeration attribute of a variable is always lost when the variable is selected…
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1.0 Beta 1 Changelog

New Functionality: Initial implementation for semantic expression edition. Improvements: Local variables renamed to Context variables and not required attributes removed. Default file type and extension modified to .vmsm. Examples updated to support modified classes. Errors corrected: Clone concepts deleted correctly. Fixed: Problem with instance expressions visualization.