1.0 Beta 4 Changelog

1.0 Beta 4 Changelog

New functionality:

  • Enumeration value delete allowed.
  • Initial About VariaMos Dialog implementation.
  • Composed domain supported for variables (Intervals and Range combined).


  • Enumeration values are sorted according to the Id.
  • Enumeration value id must be a valid positive integer.
  • Enumeration display labels changed.
  • Automatically select sub-expression on combo change on instance expression editor.
  • Simulation returns first solutions with all soft goals satisfied.

Errors corrected:

  • Fixed: Error on dashboard when next button is pressed before simulation executed. Button executes first call instead.
  • Fixed: Same value assigned for left and right (when both numbers).
  • Fixed: Relations not deleted from the same concept in other views (clones).
  • Fixed: Relations not deleted from the model on cloned concepts.
  • Fixed: Relations loses its displayed properties after save model.
  • Fixed: Mutex relations with one concept related do not execute.

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