1.0 Beta 20 Changelog

1.0 Beta 20 Changelog

New Functionality:

  • Operations support the computation analysis type to include results of two sub-operations in a quotient instead of the sequential execution.
  • Nine new verification operations for SAS model dynamically implemented.
  • Include natural language descriptions for semantic expressions. Option included to use the descriptions in multi verification operations.
  • Four of the existing verification operations migrated to dynamic implementation.
  • 22 new operations including some of Benavides et al. implemented. Currently not visible in the GUI.
  • Complete implementation of the translation model for verification and simulation operations.
  • The type of operation and suboperation (ie. normal, validation, defect, caucos or simulation). (error text and title for execution)
  • Support edition of variable assign to in/out subopers – save change.
  • Variables include two new types (i.e LowLevel expression and LowLevel variable). Those types support the definition of expressions using low-level predicates and float variables respectively. The predicates available at the solver level (not the clpfd library predicates). The predicates are added at the end of the CP file and show be written in the target solver syntax (i.e. SWIProlog). Variables must have a single value either as a result of an expression or directly assigned during configuration(input value).
  • Operations use LowLevel Variables, include the input value and returns output.
  • Operations use LowLevel Expression, literal expression passed to an operation.
  • New type of operation supported (i.e., computational analysis) to define operations with a quotient between two values obtained from the model.
  • Dynamically clear all the output attributes of all the operations before the execution.
  • Multi instance support for the operations of SAS models.


  •  Edition of attributes for concepts and relations improved. The sub-attributes load in an independent dialog.
  • Instance and Semantic expressions dialog improved to differentiate operands and operators at different leves. Different colors for the left and right sides of the expressions in the editor.
  • The semantic meta-model differentiates  the pairwise types and the over-two types to better define the meta-expressions for each type of relation.
  • The translation model supports the definition of String Variables without domain.
  • HLCL supports comparison of expressions using its components (operators, expressions, values, etc) to identify if two expressions are equivalent (i.e., no longer use the java reference comparison).
  • Additional paramenter for CauCos supports incomplete verifications. It is possible to obtain up to a number of defects to avoid the high cost of combinations of several solutions (INCOMPLETE_FAST, INCOMPLETE_MED, INCOMPLETE_SLOW).
  • Auto-organization of syntax and semantic meta-models working with the new mxgraph library.
  • New attributes for operations, sub-operations included to configure the types of operation (iie., verification, validation, export, computational analysis) and suboperation (i.e., the five algorithms supported and the selection of the methods for the DefectsVerifier).
  • Update the names of the Syntax MM (SyM), the Semantic MM (SeM) and the Operation MM (OpM) elements.
  • Update the colors of background for the perspectives.
  • Increase the space of elements in the palettes for better readability.
  • New algorithms to count solutions and export solutions.

Errors corrected:

  •  Iteration over individual relaxable expressions working correctly for the multi verification algorithm.
  • Correctly display of properties in OSX for all the perspectives.
  • Hide of views not marked as visible.
  • Concepts extending the variable concept works correctly as another type of variable.
  • Correct load of syntax meta-model.
  • Delete meta-attributes from syntax meta-model.
  • Range expression with lowRange=0 working.
  • Fix states on design perspective for executed models (gridstix v2).
  • FIX problem integer variables after execution.
  • FIX display of REL, VER exptypes for subopers on OMM – default model (view if changes appear in the execution).
  • FIX range relations: the HighValue was not correctly assigned.
  • FIX state of concepts when change from simul to design.
  • Restrict the addition of the labeling to CP according to the property includeLabel.
  • Add the user variables to the label chosen from !includeLabel Labels.
  • Obtain the values from the execution for LowLevel variables.
  • FIX the excludes relation in static operations.
  • FIX different errors on static and dynamic operations. The expressions for operations were optimized.

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