1.0 Beta 2 Changelog

1.0 Beta 2 Changelog


  • Future configuration and configuration properties moved to the advanced view.
  • Allow to move the property tab freely and better layout.
  • Dashboard displays enumeration values with names.

Errors corrected:

  • Fixed: Creation of new Enumeration over a saved model with initial enumerations.
  • Fixed: Enumeration attribute of a variable is always lost when the variable is selected again.
  • Fixed: Many (not related) elements configured after use  clean configuration button .
  • Fixed: Many element marked as configured without need.
  • Fixed: Hide dashboard when change to design perspective.
  • Fixed: Problem with save as, not clearly defined with a new name.
  • Fixed: Models with Enumeration blocks simulation execution with a domain problem.
  • Fixed: Enums values not shown correctly on dashboard.
  • Fixed: Application title lost after perspective change.
  • Fixed: dashboard weird display for impair number of SD.

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