1.0 Beta 19 Changelog

1.0 Beta 19 Changelog

New functionality:

  • Show variables of operationalizations on graph – new configuration to select the field of a sub-attribute to show.
  • Use new editable/visible/condition to display attributes on the property tabs. This allows to modify the visibility on the meta-models graphically.
  • Use new visible/condition for panel display of attributes.
  • Keyboard copy/paste of concepts without relations working. Creates clones with different identifier.
  • Support to correctly modify source/target of a relation updating the datamodel behind.
  • Files that support the concrete syntax (i.e. Shapes and styles XML files) are copied outside jar on VariaMos start. This allows the user to modify the shapes for execution of VariaMos without modifying the jar or source code. This will work with the shapes editor currently in development.
  • The HLCL classes now support negative integers. The domain definition now uses “..” instead of “-” for ranges.
  • VariaMos now uses only the list of relations model editable. Old relations written on code removed.
  • When the creation of a new Operations Meta-Model is started (i.e. pressing the new button on editor), VariaMos automatically creates non-modifiable meta-elements .
  • Now is blocked the deletion/edit of non-modifiable meta-model elements in the Operations MM.
  • New dynamic operation for simulation working with limitations: not all types of expression supported, java execution requires optimization.
  • The dynamic operations support includes iteration over solutions with model and dashboard updates.
  • The dynamic operations support executes all the sub operations for an operation.


  • Organize the types of relations for SAS models. Define MeansEnds as type and mandatory/optional as subypes.
  • Change names for OM elements consistent with new documentation.
  • Complete missing expressions for range relation type in Over Two associations.
  • Reload shapes and styles when the SAS model perspective is reloaded. This functionality allows the modification of shapes without restarting VariaMos.
  • The version id (e.j. of VariaMos in use is written on each SAS model file (.vmum). This id allows future verification and manage of incompatibilities between new versions of VariaMos.
  • Several Inst*, Met* and Semantic* classes can be defined with a single class. All additional clases where unneeded and removed. The three support models (i.e. expression support, syntax meta-model support and operations meta-model support) were simplified to a single one (i.e. com.variamos.dynsup.model).
  • Include in/out variables for sub operations instead of operations. Each sub-operation may have different variables, the output of one can be the input of the next one.
  • Remove old operation dialog no longer needed.
  • Use labelings and pass them to the solver. Support for multiple labelings needed in the solver.
  • Include model concept expressions by default.
  • Notify when an instance expression (of claims and soft dependencies) is incomplete in the editor (on accept/cancel buttons)
  • Use the graphical relation for labelings association instead of old attribute (attributes are not visually supported).
  • Change extension for User-model (i.e. vmum),  operations meta-model (i.e. vmom) and synatx meta-model (i.e. vmsm)
  • Labeling and subOperation attributes now use the element identifier (i.e. “elementID”_”attributeID”) to better identification. Different elements may have the same attribute identifier with different semantics.
  • Clearly separate operations non-modifiable MM and modifiable MM. Visually different and two different methods defined.
  • Now a relation defines the extension of Operation Meta-Elements instead of an attribute. This supports the visual edition of extension.
  • The notification of solver error is more explicit.
  • Labeling and SubOper types have an additional list to edit special attributes (sort order for labelings and expression types for subOpers).
  • Include the required level for soft goals.
  • Include stereotypes in operations meta model and syntax meta model.
  • Prohibited attribute included to exclude concepts at design time.
  • JgraphX update to
  • Hints included for attributes.
  • Models file size reduced with refactor of packages, classes and attributes.
  • New representation of states replaced the semaphore like representation.

Errors corrected:

  • Hide not needed aggregation values on relations (such as SG)
  • Creation of new relation types fixed.
  • Old collection attributes in Operations and SubOpers were removed. The visual relation is used instead.
  • Fixed error on verification operation for features when no features are used (root and parent).
  • Fix simulation error: remove CompExp when the expression is null, not removed for invalid expressions, only null.
  • Fix Any type of out/in concept/rel for iterative expressions. The combo was not working properly.
  • Show extended attributes on mm expression editor. Only declared attributes were shown.
  • Include de OMMRelation in the Basic MMM.
  • Update the name of the fixed Opers MM elements
  • Error to visualize elements with uneven parameters in execution states.

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