1.0 Beta 18 Changelog

1.0 Beta 18 Changelog

New functionality:

  •  Include semantic expression’s names on editor.
  • Properly save semantic model – Include Semantic Expressions
  • Property edition with ranges in group relations fixed.
  • Create/edit operations, sub-opers, operation groups and types using graph GUI association.
  • Semantic elements created according to the concept in the semantic perspective. In the same way it was working for the syntax meta model.
  • Many of the expressions required for simulation and other operations created in the semantic model.
  • Simulation partially working with the new dynamic menu. The expressions are partially generated from the selected expressions for the operation.
  • Dynamic menus displayed on requirements model and simulation perspectives according to the semantic definition (auto refresh needed when the semantic model is modified).
  • In/Out variables used/returned from operation’s calls. Tested on the simulation operation.
  • String domains supported using hashcode from String class.
  • Definition of operations/suboperations concepts. All the concepts created and associated on semantic model.


  • Updated to swiprolog 7.2.3 with the new JPL library
  • Semantic model correctly saved/loaded including semantic expressions, operations groups, operation actions and sub operation actions.

Errors corrected:

  •  Fatal exception on  thead solver calls eliminated since the update to Swiprolog 7.2.3

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