1.0 Beta 15 Changelog

1.0 Beta 15 Changelog


  • Put the dummy element to add enumeration types first on the attribute list.
  • Allow increase the property tab size when the window is small.
  • Increase the default screen size.

Errors corrected:

  • Correct the display of asset and concern level names.
  • Hide extends relations for PWAsso relation types on model.
  • Increase the space for the enumeration types on MetaEnumetaions.
  • Correct the relation between soft goals with over two relations.
  • Correct SG to SG relation – double name display.
  • Correct SD: condition was not shown.
  • Correct Claim: extra space on condition removed.
  • Parent verification fixed for over two relations on feature models.
  • Define relation by default on type change to avoid null types.

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