1.0 Beta 13 changelog

1.0 Beta 13 changelog

The concepts names are no longer displayed on the graph for concepts. The User Identifier is displayed instead. For models created on version and older, the user should click once on each concept to copy the name to the user identifier

New functionality:

  • Metamodel concepts: Associate and view semantic concepts.
  • Simulation now includes features and assets.
  • It is possible to associate type of relations to pairwise and over two associations.
  • The type of relations with attributes are displayed.
  • Support for multiple palettes on each view (ex. palette for goals and palette for features concepts).
  • The modeling perspective is automatically updated with changes on the meta model perspective.
  • The views tabs are dynamic display in the modeling perspective
  • Is possible to define: edit visible, editable, panel and panel edition for concepts in the metamodel and semantic model.
  • Use extension relation for attribute extension are fully supported.


  • Only one simulation dialog created when the menu is activated.
  • Pairwise association are concepts in semantic perspective and have their appropriate relations.
  • Stereotypes properties include tags (UML like) for values in metamodel perspective.
  • The concrete syntax for over two and pairwise relations on meta model perspective is visible and editable.
  • Better semantic concept names (updated)
  • The Extension relation are applied for relation validation
  • Old parent attributes for syntax metamodel and other not required attributes and methods were removed.
  • The palettes names are shown in view.
  • Is possible to auto-set type of element and the type of instance on creation according to the basic syntax for each perspective (Concept, OverTwo, View, PairwiseRelation)
  • Define auto-identifier and user-identifier to allow better names on the metamodel. User-Identifiers from the metamodel generates the auto-identifiers on the model perspective.

    Errors corrected:

  • Problem to display more than 11-12 attributes solved.
  • Metamodel load supported, pending to solve a problem with extended fields in the modeling perspective.
  • The metamodel concepts are automatically updated on model.
  • Show semantic concepts according to the type (C,O,V,P).
  • Include extension for old relations (Support Top Goal, General Soft Goal, etc).

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